Green Herbz

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RATINGS: 3.5 Stars

POTENCY:  Strong Blends

SHIPPING: $9.99 Priority Mail

DELIVERY: 5-7 Business Days


Quantity: 5G and 10G Bag





So just off the top one thing I don’t like about this website is that they only accept either Paypal/Bitcoin, Cash App, Direct Bank Transfers or Money Order. Due to the nature of the business they explained to us they won’t be able to accept major credit cards. To some people this can really be an issue. Others actually like to have options for alternate payments because not everyone has access to a credit or a debit card. So for those that likes to pay using the other methods this website might be the perfect option for you! One other thing is that they do not provide FREE SHIPPING. Their prices compared to the other websites are a little lower, but if you include the shipping it almost comes out to be the same. The customer service however, was on point! Furthermore after we get passed all the technical issues their actual product potency is super intense. The Aroma Therapy lasted us awhile. The package also arrived to us fast than expected. If  you are looking for a legit website that has some really intense products that allows alternate payments this one is the perfect match for you!

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