Herbal Plug

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RATINGS: 5 Stars

POTENCY:  Super Potent Blends

SHIPPING: Free Shipping To ALL States

DELIVERY: 7 Business Days


Quantity: 4G and 8G Bags





We only put HerbalPlug.com on ranking #2 because the first place was already taken. If the other website didn’t exist already The Herbal Plug would definitely be taking the number one position. They accept Visa, Mastercard & Discover cards only, to us this wasn’t an issue. They are absolutely awesome when it came to providing the best experience when purchasing. We placed an order on their website and instantly received a personal confirmation email from one of their gurus. They told us before they place our order they had a coupon code where I will be able to save 10% on my purchase and if I would like to use it. I told them of course and it instantly took off $15 from my total purchase! We were very grateful for the discount and were impressed that they did that for us even though we didn’t know about it. They were very helpful explaining which products are potent and which ones to stay away from. They even gave us a brief history of Herbal Incense and why it became banned to begin with. They assured that all of their products is 100% Legal, Potent and has original Superb Quality. All the chemicals were updated by their manufacturers daily to stay on top of regulations. One awesome thing I liked about them is they told us their products are always sprayed with the most potent chemicals. The alterations results in their blends to always arrive as super potent, and stays potent for a long time even after opening the bag.  We were given a tracking number and our package arrived in discrete envelope few days later. The experience was amazing. We loved the quality and the quantity. We found that even after we opened the bag that the herbs remained potent even after a week. This website is definitely on our top pick when it comes to legit Herbal Incense websites. Be sure to join their newsletters to stay up to date with daily Herbal Incense news, product promotions and discount codes. Thanks for being our verified Herbal Plug!

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