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RATINGS: 5 Stars

POTENCY:  Strong Blends

SHIPPING: Free Shipping On All Orders

DELIVERY: 5 Business Days


Quantity: 5G and 10G Bag





Before placing an order with them we decided to give them a call. After the phone ringing about 5 times it went to voicemail. One good thing was that they had a voicemail explaining their office hours and it happened that we were calling passed their hours. So we left a voicemail and waited for them to call us back. Surprisingly I received a call within 3 hours so that was a plus. They explained even though we are able to place the order on their website we had to make a payment using the new Virtual E-Check system. At first I was hesitant but after doing some research I found that this payment method is actually 100% safe. They said this was because of so many scams going on where people are using other peoples cards so I had to make this payment using this secured method. It could go one way or the other. For us it went in a really good direction. They made it to the top of our list because their package arrived discretely in like 5 days. This is the fastest we’ve received a package so far. Their package included my original order and also like .5 gram of other sample products that they added for FREE. I thought this was a cool addition to the overall experience. Now the actual quality of the blend was pretty strong. I was as always satisfied with the potency and the smoothness. The quality seemed up to the standard and the website proved itself to be legit in one way or the other. If you are looking for a website that is legit and accepts your cards over the phone I highly recommend this website.

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