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RATINGS: 4.5 Stars

POTENCY:  Super Potent Blends

SHIPPING: Free Shipping To ALL States

DELIVERY: 10 Business Days


Quantity: 5G Bags





When we placed an order with Super Strong Incense we instantly received a confirmation that our order is processing. After that, no one from customer service really contacted us or bothered us. If you don’t like being contacted or spoken to then this website might be the one for you. We had to give it 4 stars because of this but hey everyone has their own preference. We waited about 3 days before we received our USPS Tracking number. We were beginning to doubt this website due to lack of communication. After receiving the tracking number, it wasn’t really updating. After 2 days all of a sudden it updated by itself and it showed our product was arriving the next day. So finally because I ordered close to the weekend I finally received the products and it took around 10 business days, which is fine because that’s just about how long it takes for most other websites as well. Anyway, the package also came in a discrete envelope. When we tried the blend we ordered we instantly knew this website lives up to its name. This was definitely some Super Strong Incense! The quality was the same as the other top ranking websites quality on our list. We didn’t have no doubt that this was definitely worth the wait. It was shipped to us for FREE and we didn’t pay anything extra so we didn’t mind what so ever. The most important thing is that even though the communication level was not that great, they delivered what they promised. They also emailed us with the information we needed for our package. One thing is that they do not provide any wholesale, so for the people looking to buy in bulks I would recommend the other two on the top of our list. However, if you are looking for a website that is straight to the point, with Super Strong Incense, what you buy is what you get!

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